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Every homeowner must have a basic knowledge of plumbing. When you own a home, no matter how good you take care of your plumbing system, a plumbing issue may arise sooner or later. When your plumbing does break down, and the problem is small, there is no need to hire a plumber. If you have a working knowledge of basic plumbing concepts, you can easily fix the problem by yourself.  If you have no luck resolving the issue on your own, call a plumber Manassas VA to help you address the problem with ease at an affordable price. Although it is often easier and faster for experienced plumbers to repair small problems, you can regularly maintain your plumbing system and learn how to identify the warning signs.

Look for Wet Spots and Monitor Water Pressure

If you find any wet places in your bathroom, such as under the sink, in the attic or in some unusual crawl spaces, your pipes are probably leaking. If your water pressure is poor, this may also indicate that the pipe is leaking somewhere. If you notice mold or traces of damp, you also may have a problem with leaky pipes. When your shower or bathroom and kitchen faucets start losing pressure or running slowly, you may also have a problem with a partial blockage. Over time, debris builds up in faucets or inside your pipes and cause poor water pressure. Cleaning your pipes and faucets should solve this problem easily.

Check Your Water Heater

You should always regularly check your water heater. If you notice anything strange or signs of corrosion, you should call local plumbers to inspect it. Corrosion is always an early warning indicator that you will require a repair or a replacement.

Check for Gas Leaks

As you should regularly check if everything is okay with your water heater, you should also occasionally check for gas leaks. The easiest way to do this is to make some soapy water and then spray it onto the gas shut off valve. If you don’t where it is located, you can usually find it near the water heater. If you notice any bubbles forming, this may indicate a gas leak. You should immediately call a plumbing expert to further examine the issue.

Have in mind that plumbing emergencies can always happen and that you need to plan ahead. Know where your shut-off valves are and always have a contact number of a reliable and experienced plumber near you. That way, in case of disaster, you will be able to act fast and reduce further damage by shutting of the main water valves. The above mentioned advice require no plumbing knowledge in order to be successfully conducted. If you spot any of the mentioned warning signs, you should seek help form a reliable local plumber. The earlier you call him, the easier and faster it will be to solve the issue. Lastly, have in mind that the longer you delay an issue, the greater will be the damage, which will also result in costlier repairs.

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