Standing Desks Boost Your Productivity

Whether you are a person who is working in the office or a freelancer who is working in its home, you have probably had problems with long sittings during the work. This can make you a nervous or even cause you serious health problems like heart diseases. In order to avoid these situations which can make you less productive, you should consider buying a standing desk. Believe it or not, with these desks you can choose between standing and sitting while working.

The newest case studies have proven that these desks can boost your productivity.  Rex Huppke from ChicagoTribune has written an article about this.

Study shows standing desks boost productivity

The modern work world is proving to be no friend to reclining enthusiasts.

First people eschewed comfy cushioning for ergonomically weird chair designs, then they started sitting on giant inflatable balls (terrible, and slightly dangerous, for napping) and now we’re bombarded with news about how standing desks — standing, I tell you! — are the key to workplace health.

What is an avowed horizontalist like myself to do in the face of such changes?

I have long proselytized the advantages of working in bed with the covers over your head, because: a) it’s comfortable; and b) the mean people who want you to do more work can’t see you under there.

But I fear the fight is over.

Adding to the sizable body of research that shows the health benefits of standing desks — which keep workers more active during the day and relieve nagging problems like lower back pain — a new study has found that working upright also makes people more productive. And not just by a small margin. Read the full artcile here. 

If you are an employer, maybe you should consider getting these standing desks for your employees. Abbey DeHart from Columbusceo has written an article about how people need to stand more, even when they are working.

Guest Blog: Why Employers Should Consider Standing Desks

Human bodies need to stand more, even in the office.

Healthy employees equal a healthy company, which is why many employers have committed to prioritizing the physical and mental health of their staff. Some established companies offer their employees rewards for weight loss, routine health care checkups and regular exercise. Often these incentives come in the form of monetary rewards or gifts that encourage their overall health goals, like a fitness tracker.

While many rewards encourage healthiness outside of the workplace, there’s one incentive that will carry their health commitment right into the office: standing desks. These are a simple way to get staff standing longer and moving around more frequently, altering their traditional sedentary office habits.

Research has shown that sitting at a desk all day can have a detrimental effect on our health. To combat this, the standing desk can assist with reducing weight gain and obesity, as well as lowering the risk of heart disease. It can also help ease back pain, increase energy levels and improve attitudes.

Some studies even show that standing desks boost productivity, and they typically don’t have any adverse effects on typing speed. Many office workers consider combining the benefits of standing desks with small desk-sized treadmills or stair steppers for even greater benefits of activity throughout the day. Read the full artcile here.

This video above explains why it important for a human body to stand while working. So, considering all that we mentioned above, it is obvious that these standing desks have a positive impact on a human body. You will feel better, you will have more energy for work and you will avoid many health issues. Check this Work While Walking varidesk pro reviews to find more information about these products.

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