Simple steps for having an amazing lawn

A lawn is one of the most desired features for every homeowner. The outdoor season is the right time to make your lawn look beautiful and to draw attention of other people. Most people spend approximately 4 hours a week to keep their lawn`s looking gorgeous, but there are far more important benefits of having a lawn besides beauty. First of all, your lawn acts like a huge air conditioner that`s keeping your house cooler. It also releases a great amount of oxygen and serves as an air filter that captures tons of dust and dirt. Of course, it`s a good playground for your kids and pets. You will need to put some effort in order to maintain a healthy lawn, but that doesn`t mean that you should spend a huge amount of money and break your backbone for the sake of lawn`s beauty. It`s crucial to know some of the basic steps that will make your lawn look green and lush.

• Cutting the grass regularly is very important because it makes the grass thicker. No matter what kind of technique you like to use, keep in mind that cutting more often is way better than doing it once or twice a season. It`s also very good to change directions and patterns each time you mow your lawn and in the middle of the summer you have to keep the grass a bit longer, which will make the grass stronger, especially in the dry season.

• Although cutting helps the grass to be more strong and thick, it also SC_lawnmaint_2015_hdrremoves nutrients from it, which is why they need to be replaced for a healthy growth of your lawn. So, when the season begins, fertilizing your lawn every four to five weeks will keep your lawn green and healthy. If you`re not sure which kind of fertilizers to use, ask your fertilizer distributor. They will certainly know how to help you.

• Watering is also very important for a healthy looking lawn. In case you have just planted a lawn, daily watering will be necessary, otherwise seed cannot germinate and a good root system cannot be formed. You can ask your local seed supplier for an advice, because they understand this matter for sure.

• When it comes to weed control, there are several ways to fight it. But, the one that will certainly work, is the use of herbicides. Keep in mind that not every herbicide is the same in the terms of quality, so you will need to look for something that actually works. The one that gets the job done is razor burn herbicide. With this one, a scenario in which the weeds have overcome your lawn will never happen.

• Grass root needs to breathe. Aerating will provide many benefits and your grass will be much healthier. This will allow better penetration of fertilizers and water, and they will go deeper in the soil. Timing is critical for aeration – you can do it in the spring, but it`s better if you do it in the fall.

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