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Things To Know When Moving From Michigan To Chicago



Michigan (MI) is home to hundreds of beautiful neighborhoods with natural surroundings. The state consists of two major parts, the Upper Peninsular (UP) and Lower Peninsula. The UP has harsh winters and the months of December through February experience freezing temperatures. Heavy Michigan clothing is useful in these months. The UP also has shorter summers which are hot and humid. The weather in the Lower Peninsula is quite favorable with prolonged summers. The Lower Peninsular, noted for its mitten shape is much populated in the southern area. The Great Lakes State is bordered by 4 of the fresh water Great Lakes in the world which offer residents and visitors exciting water activities. The Gloved State as it’s popularly known as has numerous options to cater for your kind of lifestyle.


If you choose to move to other towns in the Midwest like Chicago, IL popularly known as the Windy City, then you will still enjoy many fun-related activities and lifestyle almost similar to that in MI. To get to know what it feels like to live in Chicago, then you have to understand a number of factors which include:



If you enjoy city life in Michigan, then you will find it easy to fit in Chicago finest neighborhoods. The city is hugely metropolitan and easily caters for people with different interests. You will be spoiled for choices when it comes to choosing a home in the Windy City. Lincoln Park is the heartbeat of Chicago. Other neighborhoods that are most sought after include Logan Square, Hyde Park, Chinatown and Boystown. MI, Detroit is deep enrooted in music and the International Jazz Festival, Theater District and Opera House are awesome. Chicago has apartments in the proximity of Landmark Loop Theatres in Downtown Theatre District which host plays, musicals, dance and other performances. Most of these theaters have a live performance every night to cater for your interest in art performances. Chicago Children’s Museum and Chicago Zoo in Lincoln Park neighborhood are great if you have kids.




Transport in the Fresh Coast State is easy and includes passenger ferries, rail train, buses and cars that connect from one neighborhood to another. Getting home from work or shopping shouldn’t be a worry. The city is well served with many public transit options like buses, cabs, subway lines and a water taxi in the Chicago River.




The Gloved State prides in its more than 1000 golf courses. Boating is also the best in the country. Gambling is also favored in cities like Detroit. Leaving Michigan for Chicago doesn’t mean that you will be short of sports. You can get an apartment near popular sports fields like the Wrigley Field where you can watch the Cubs baseball players in action. You can also put on your Michigan hoodie and catch a soccer game at the Toyota Park on a cold evening. Chicago winter is fun for ice skating while summers open up for biking or swimming just like in MI. In short, the Windy City always has plenty of games and leagues to catch near popular neighborhoods.



There are plenty of Pure Michigan bargains which range from clothing, antiques and art near most neighborhoods. Choosing apartments near the Chicago’s Magnificent Mile will satisfy your shopping desire. There are numerous retail products which include food items, apparel, souvenirs and furnishings sold at discount prices to equip your new home. Even after moving to Chicago, shopping for Michigan apparel at Livnfresh can be a good reminder of the good old Michigan.

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Deciding where to live in Chicago when planning to transfer from Michigan shouldn’t be hard with these provisions at your doorstep.


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