Learn About Dog Arthritis and How to Treat It in Chicago

Arthritis is the same whether in the dogs or in the humans. It’s the disease of the supportive structures like the bones and joints that causes inflammation deeming the dog super weak to engage in play. Pain is characteristic of arthritis. Stiffness and discomfort are other signs of the disease. There is some kind of fluid in between every two bones forming a joint that facilitate easily friction free movement. With age, the fluid gets depleted and the bones are now free to have some grinding on each other. Pain becomes unavoidable for the dog. That is when arthritis is at its ultimate stage. You definitely will observe the signs to declare that on your dog. You need to seek the best treatments and fast before things worsen. Dog arthritis supplements can really go a long way to help you with that.

What causes arthritis?

As discussed above, the causatives are clear. It can be assumed that the older dogs are vulnerable to arthritis more than the young puppies. It is not obvious that the young dogs won’t suffer from the disease too. I have always some young puppies confirmed to have arthritis. One may wonder, what then is behind the disease? By default, it’s the bone and ligament damage that triggers this disease. Once these rub against each other in an uncontrolled manner, the dog will have to feel the effect. It’s not a must that the bone damage come with age though. Some physical activity can injure the dog in a way that the bones are much affected. Trauma is one of these causatives.

dog_arthritis_chicagoObserve what signs?

Don’t expect any extraordinary signs rather than those you know with humans. You have seen a person suffering from arthritis and how they act old, even when they are not. Without the best of supportive structure, the bone will avoid any kind of movement or play. If your dog used to like play and suddenly it no longer likes to play, you have the ideal sign. A dog that likes to go for abnormally long breaks is also likely to be affected. With climatic conditions, the symptoms may worsen. With cold seasons, the dog won’t love a thing. Sometimes, the joints can get swollen and become hot. If you see anything like that, go for dog arthritis supplements.

Ideal treatment

Once you realize that your dog has arthritis, take it to a vet for further diagnosis. There can be several types of arthritis depending on the cause. Once you have the real disease, dealing with it becomes easier. Overweight dogs need some special treatment because the problem worsens considering the added kilos on the compromised bones. There are several therapies that vets will recommend. These do work. If you prefer DIY treatment, dog arthritis supplements can help. You treat the problem from the inside by providing the ideal nutrients to bring back the fluid in bone joints.

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