Getting a Mattress Topper

A mattress topper or pad is used on top of the mattress. It is a thin padded layer added on the mattress to increase the comfort and suitability of the mattress that you already have. Adding a mattress topper also helps to increase the durability of the mattress that you are using. If a mattress is too hard for you then a topper may be used so that you get the firmness you want without having to buy a new mattress which will save you the hassle and the money. A topper can be held to the mattress using straps or a mattress cover to avoid it from slipping off. How then do you know which mattress topper is best for you? Here are some tips to help you figure that out.

Don’t get a topper for firmness – this is because a topper cannot be able to add to the firmness of an already soft mattress. The topper simply rests on the mattress which means if the mattress was sinking before the topper will most likely sink with it. A firm topper therefore may not be the solution to a very soft mattress rather in this case you may require to change the mattress.
Don’t get a topper for a worn out mattress – if your mattress is worn out and having depressions adding even a firm topper is not the solution. A topper is just a temporary addition for comfort. Eventually if the mattress is worn out the topper will also not be supportive enough. Remember that the topper is not as thick as a mattress. It may not really be viable to buy a topper for a worn out mattress unless maybe it is for a short while until you are able to buy the mattress. Also you can find where to buy online toppers.

Get a topper for a firm bed – if your mattress is very firm and uncomfortable then getting a soft memory foam as toppers is the best option. This is because as the mattress is being used it will become softer with time and more comfortable. Also since the core of the mattress is firm and supportive the topper will also be supportive and conform properly to the shape of the body. A very firm mattress may not sink when slept on therefore can make you feel like you are sleeping on the floor.
If you are adding the mattress topper to make the mattress last longer, then you can buy a mattress topper of the same brand and density as the mattress you already have. This may get you a discount from the store you are purchasing from. It will also ensure that as you add the topper you maintain the comfort that you already have since mattress toppers from different companies will feel differently. Therefore when deciding on getting a mattress topper that is best for you put these points into consideration.

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