Dealing with a Plumbing Emergency

Everyone who has experienced a plumbing problem at least once during their lifetime has learned to address the issue in a calm and controlled manner, but when you’re in the middle of a plumbing emergency, it is very hard to stay relaxed. A plumbing emergency can knock at your home at any time without prior warning, and in this case, you have to react fast to prevent further damage before the emergency plumber arrives.


So here are the things you should do before an expert gets to your home:

Stay calm

I know it is very hard to think straight during the emergency, but you just have to, especially if you have a pipe burst or another sudden problem. Panic has never helped, and it never will, so take a deep breath and keep the following tips in your mind. You just need to know some basics about plumbing to minimize the damage before you contact plumbing services.

Shut the water supply of

In every emergency situation, this is the first thing you should do. Locate the main water valve of your house and shut it off to prevent extensive damage. If you have problems with a particular plumbing unit, find the individual water valve and shut it off. If you have troubles locating the main valve, turn off any nearby pipes.

Dealing with the leaking pipe

You can do a smaller leaky pipe repair by yourself. You just need to tackle it some plumber’s tape by wrapping it around the leaking pipe. If you don’t have plumber’s tape at home, wrap anything you think will do the work. I recommend you wrapping a towel and a spare cloth around it. After this, put a bucket bellow the leaking area to prevent the water spilling everywhere. Once you have taken these measures, immediately contact a plumber.

A burst pipe

You can try draining the water out of the pipe if your clogged drain has caused the leakage. After you have shut the water valve, try to unclog the drain and direct the water out of your house. Avoid further damaging the pipes and don’t use any tools if you don’t have experience in using them.

Remove the spilled water

When you have the water turned off, start soaking up any pools of water you can. If the water gets to your furniture and other materials, it might ruin them, create mold and much more. When water is spreading, it can reach to one of your electrical appliances nearby. During the contact, water can not only cause an electrical malfunction but also endanger your safety.

Leakage from a water heater

This is an intense emergency as a burst pipe is, but it also requires from you to immediately contact a professional plumber. Never repair your water heater on your own because you might get hit by electricity and severely hurt yourself. Water heater leakage can cause a major flood if it’s not repaired in time and it can lead to a greater electrical malfunction. In this case, you can only shut off the water supply, turn off the hot-water tank if it’s on, and seek professional assistance.

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